What you are about to learn could change the course of your battle with social anxiety and shyness! You are not the only person with symptoms like:

  • Blushing for no apparent reason
  • Racing heart when you introduce yourself to a group
  • Churning, uncomfortable stomach at "fun" social gatherings
  • Difficulty being yourself when you meet new people
  • Feeling like you can't breathe when you want to talk in a meeting or class
  • Sweating when you're in the spot light
  • Not enjoying eating out in public because you feel self-conscious
  • Feeling like your brain stops working when you try to respond to simple small talk
  • Constant avoidance of situations that might require you to say something in front of a group
  • Trouble getting your bladder to let go in public bathrooms
  • Feeling like you could never stand up for yourself in a verbal confrontation
  • Feeling too self conscious to ask someone out on a date
  • Trouble making eye contact when you meet people
  • Mentally beating yourself up after the smallest imperfections after you leave a social situation.




Dr. SnyderFrom: Dr. Todd Snyder,

There are two reasons why I am your ally in your fight against social anxiety and shyness:

1. I am a fellow sufferer who has personally battled Social Anxiety and,

2. I am a doctor of psychology who has overcome the crippling impact of Social Anxiety Disorder.

I have been there, in your shoes, and struggled through the painful symptoms while people offered their useless advice.

I have probably read as much scientific and non-scientific literature on Social Anxiety treatments as anyone else on earth.

I have spent countless hours with hundreds of clients with every possible variety of unique Social Anxiety symptom you could ever imagine (and then some).

And now I am turning my attention to you.

I want to share the methods that I have found to be most effective. I want to save you from thousands of hours of research and painful trial and error. I want to inspire you with the hope and the tools that you can use to turn the tables on your Social Anxiety symptoms.

In my personal battle with Social Anxiety, I have learned just how powerful the anxiety can get. I have experienced symptoms that threatened to shut down my life because of the powerful impulse to avoid situations where the anxiety would surface.

I have filtered through the scientific research articles tucked away in obscure locations of university libraries, where psychiatrists and psychologists have published their efforts to identify the key factors involved in the creation and maintenance of Social Anxiety Disorder.

I have carefully tested what I discovered. I have synthesized data to uncover patterns and methods that go beyond the basic generalities that plague the scientific research process.

Believe it or not, the human brain has the capacity to change in ways that neuroscientists have only recently been discovering. For example, stroke victims who end up with paralysis in an entire limb used to be told, "Sorry, that part of your brain is damaged. You will never regain control." Now, people with the same paralysis are learning to pick up spoons and eat with the hand and arm that was previously "permanently paralyzed."

How? It's called neuroplasticity.

That's the scientific word for the discovery of just how much our brains are able to change themselves. It's amazing,but our thoughts (which are created by our brain) can actually change the brain!

Most people only scratch the surface of what is possible, because the change isn't observable with the naked eye, and the change requires a certain level of sustained mental focus, that few people bother with (why would you unless you knew how powerful your results could be).

The reason why neuroplasticity is so exciting, is that it allows social anxiety sufferers to literally build new neural circuitry (pathways of thought and automatic brain reactions) in response to feared situations.

The reason why we need to be able to do this is to overcome the underlying cause of severe Social Anxiety: Automatic fear that is so powerful, it can cause us to freeze in our tracks.

I want to share some methods for retraining your brain so that you react to anxiety-producing situations with a powerful coping response.

I'm sure you've tried to change your thoughts to change your anxious reactions. I'm also sure that didn't work so well, or you wouldn't be reading this. Changing your thoughts about Social Anxiety fears can be helpful, but it's not enough for people with severe Social Anxiety symptoms.

A crucial second component is needed.

The second component is a carefully planned system to ensure you persevere long enough for changes to occur.

There's a part of your brain called the amygdala, who's job is to never forget a threatening or dangerous situation. That part of your brain memorizes all the aspects of the situations that caused your anxiety reaction.

It's a fluke in the way our brains work, because when this part of our brain tries to warn us about feelings that are inside us (anxiety) instead of outside us (a dangerous animal for example) something terrible happens.

We begin to have automatic escalating fear reactions to sensations and thoughts within ourselves. There’s no where to run. Unfortunately, we learn that by avoiding triggering situations, we can temporarily avoid the anxiety. The problem is that avoidance gradually causes our symptoms to worsen.


I never solicit testimonials, but I thought I would share a few spontaneous emails I have received from appreciative people who did the work to apply this self-help course in their own lives. They all gave me permission to share what they wrote in case it would be helpful to someone else.


Thank you so much, Dr. Snyder, from the bottom of my heart. I consider myself tough and courageous, but a couple years ago I had several traumas and after they were over and all resolved and now I feel at peace and very very positive again, this damn affliction has happened to me where I can't fill out forms on clipboards, sign my name, or write checks while someone is standing there watching me. I have responded by avoiding those situations in more creative ways than you could imagine. I never knew this was common, and although in the back of my heart I knew I would just have to face this and stare it down, I continued to come up with creative avoidance - and when I was forced by the circumstance to write a check in front of someone I actually had to have the repair guy finish writing the check while I claimed to have blood sugar problems. : (Thank you for your statements that I needed to stare this down, and face it, and not care if the clerk or whoever saw my horrible handwriting and inability to write. Yesterday I went to 6 places in town and wrote checks - each time running the script through my head that THANK GOD I have this opportunity to get through this, I have to do this 30 times and then I will be better able to handle it, I don't care who sees me quake, this is a great opportunity to have one more experience behind me on the way to healing. I'm so much better now. After writing 4 checks I feel empowered and normal again. Thank you, so much.  Linda C  


Dear Dr. Snyder, I am only part way through the first module and I am so incredibly happy that I purchased this! I have had 3 years of psychodyamic therapy and have got nowhere in fact, if anything, it has just raised my self-consciousness and made me focus on my limitations. This has given me hope after feeling desperate and disillusioned for so long - to the point of considering the surgery for blushing. Your explanation of the function of the amgydala and it's over-reaction struck such a cord with me and also, the CBT approach of working on behaviour first, and thoughts following is starting to work. Today I was on cloud 9 after work because I coped with a social situation that I usually dread and try to avoid and I faced it with the the thought ringing in my head, 'it is a faulty alarm, an over-reaction, an over-sized amgydala', combined with thinking 'this person is more concerned about how they come across than how I do', with me focusing on the content of the conversation and how the person in question was feeling, instead of thinking, 'I'm going to blush'. So just wanted to say that I think your advice/techniques are really helping and I cannot stress what a huge, huge relief that is. I know I have to keep working on it and cease avoidance techniques but now I feel I have some strategies to enable to do this. thank you, Tina  


"Hello Dr. Snyder, greetings from Louis. I just want to say that i am much better now and I feel confident to perform my job without anxiousness. since I had a history of 9 years of social anxiety, it will take a month or so. I am practicing the techniques. I used to have terrible heartbeat before speaking in a meeting and while speaking. So I used to cut my speech in order to avoid embarrassment. Last two meetings I did not have any racing heartbeat or fear. Also my voice used to crack and become like crying. Now I follow the technique of slow reading/ speech and breath technique. it really works. I really feel at ease at any function and my self conscious feeling is very rare, when it comes, I know how to handle. the information about Amygdala is very helpful. Thank you. Louis  

My self-help system is based on the idea that you can learn valuable principles for re-training your own brain if you understand what you need to do.

In my super-short kindle book I will teach you a method that undermines the powerful forces that maintain social anxiety symptoms.

I will teach you how to work toward re-training your brain's automatic reactions, while simultaneously taking on new patterns of positive thoughts and positive perspectives.

Of course, I also provide step by step self-motivation instructions for every single aspect of this unique system.

The self-motivation system is free. I've included it at the bottom of this page for you to listen to. It won't make much sense to you unless you also get a copy of the ebook through Amazaon.com.

The motivational audio course teaches you a radical new system for destroying the underlying mindsets that hold so many people back from taking action on what they've learned.

This system of self motivation teaches you to take control of stress in a way that propels you toward your goals. The method gives people the powerful sensation of "having life by the tail." And the possibilities for putting this system to work in all kinds of areas of your life are endless.

The reason I put this system together is to reach people like myself. I wish I could send this system to myself, back in time through a time machine. I'll settle on helping you with this system. Actually, you and as many others as I can reach.

I want to teach you what I have learned about social anxiety. Personally, I found that putting up with Social Anxiety just wasn't enough for me. I chased it down with a stick!

But to win this battle, you need a special kind of weapon. You need something that can motivate you and build your confidence at the same time that you undermine the neuropsychological causes of Social Anxiety symptoms.

Social Anxiety Secrets covers all of this, and a lot more. I would like you to read it and see if these methods can help you with your symptoms of anxiety in social situations. My hope is that you will be pleasantly surprised at how much potential you have for improving your life.

Here's just a taste of what you'll discover...

  • A complete guide that targets the very specific symptoms and experiences that are unique to those of us who have Social Anxiety.
  • Simple steps you must take to change the automatic fear and freezing reactions you experience in certain social situations.
  • When and when not to use willpower and sustained effort to battle the symptoms. The truth about this one issue could rocket your success.
  • A critical factor you should have in place before you face another situation that provokes your symptoms (to prevent your symptoms from getting worse each time you feel the fear).
  • The importance of targeting one symptom at a time and why this is a crucial component of your recovery system.  
  • How to build feelings of confidence that you will leverage in your battle against Social Anxiety symptoms.
  • Two secrets for building friendships quickly. And yes, these secrets were designed specifically for people with Social Anxiety.  
  • An entire chapter devoted to a set of mental shifts that have the potential to decrease your overall stress level, while increasing your productivity and willpower.
  • Examples of real-life issues that people with Social Anxiety often struggle with. I'll be covering everything from fear of public speaking to fear of public bathrooms.
  • A discussion of the fear of blushing.
  • What to do when your body reacts in ways that embarrass you (like excessive sweating, or shaking when you're in the spotlight."
  • Recommendations for shifting your underlying social motivation from fear-based avoidance to excited pursuit of deeper and more meaningful relationships. My opinion is that this mental shift can have reverberating positive effects for the rest of your life.
  • The breathing-training system that will replace what you think you already know about correct breathing for calming your anxious physiology.
  • A system for tracking your progress and making certain that you are focusing your efforts in a way that will pay off the fastest and leave you feeling really excited about your new-found freedom.
  • A complete paradigm shift that will have far-reaching effects in your life, with Social Anxiety symptoms being only the first area of your life to improve.
  • The encouragement of knowing you are not alone in your unique experiences of Social Anxiety. Once I peel away the mystery, you will see very clearly where your symptoms came from.

The self-help course also includes a 40-minute motivational mp3 that is designed to supercharge your success with motivating yourself to make difficult changes.

It's the first time I am releasing my motivational systems to the public. It has previously only been available to my private motivational-coaching clients. You can access it for free at the bottom of this webpage.

And what's really great is that...

You Can Download this self-help course and start your learning process right now.

I've taken the entire self-help course and turned it into a downloadable kindle e-book you can download to read on your computer, phone, kindle, or iPad.

All you need to do is open the e-book on your computer and begin reading!

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The training I provide my clients usually comes in chunks of 45-minutes at $110 per hour. I put many hours of work into this manual in an effort to reach more people with the truth about Social Anxiety.

My hope was to make the information reachable for people who can't afford to pay me several thousand dollars over a few months of personal counselling.


The cost is only $8.97.

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Yes, Dr. Snyder, I want your Social Anxiety Secrets self-help course. I understand that I will be receiving...

  • A self-help course based on clinical research and personal experience with treating social anxiety.
  • Information about the origins of Social Anxiety
  • Specific advice for a variety of symptoms that are unique to individuals with Social Anxiety.
  • Advice from a highly-trained Social Anxiety Specialist who has personally overcome the same overwhelming symptoms of excessive fear of scrutiny and evaluation by others.

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Wishing you a fun and fulfilling life...


Dr. Todd Snyder

Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist

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To listen to the motivational system to help you apply what you learn in the course, click the play button below. It's just me explaining what works and how to make rapid changes that stick.